University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Mass, Julia Harumi
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* Julia Harumi Mass [inactive] (Oakland, CA)
City San Francisco
State CA
Role(s) Attorney
Gender F
Case(s) IM-CA-0049 : Reyes v. Alcantar
IM-CA-0054 : AFL-CIO v. Chertoff
IM-CA-0055 : Zhang v. Gonzales
IM-CA-0058 : Ahmadi v. Chertoff
IM-CA-0061 : Committee for Immigrant Rights of Sonoma County v. Sonoma County
IM-CA-0070 : Abadia-Peixoto v. DHS
IM-CA-0075 : Lyon v. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
IM-CA-0077 : Alfaro Garcia v. Johnson
IM-CA-0088 : Al-Mowafak v. Trump
IM-CA-0089 : County of Santa Clara v. Trump
IM-CA-0095 : Regents of University of California v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security
IM-CA-0109 : Saravia v. Sessions
IM-CA-0116 : U.S. v. State of California
IM-CA-0120 : Garland v. Gonzalez (Aleman Gonzalez v. Sessions)
IM-CA-0127 : American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security
IM-CA-0157 : State of California v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security
NS-CA-0003 : First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles v. National Security Agency
NS-CA-0011 : In re National Security Agency Telecommunications Records Litigation
NS-CA-0012 : Gill v. Department of Justice
NS-CA-0020 : Raimondo v. Federal Bureau of Investigation
NS-OR-0001 : Latif v. U.S. Department of Justice
PB-CA-0015 : Darensberg v. Metropolitan Transportation Commission
PC-CA-0046 : Weber v. Lockyer
PN-CA-0018 : Local 10 ILWU v. City of Oakland

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