University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Reno, Janet
City Washington
State DC
Role(s) Attorney
Gender F
Case(s) DR-CA-0001 : Ridgeway v. TW Services/Denny's, U.S. v. TW Services, and
DR-NM-0001 : U.S. v. New Mexico
ED-TN-0001 : Madison v. Sullivan Cnty. Bd. of Educ.
EE-AL-0095 : United States v. Cherokee County
EE-IN-0122 : United States of America v. School City of East Chicago, Indiana
EE-LA-0097 : United State v. Calcasieu Parish School Board
EE-MS-0056 : United States v. Canton Police Department
EE-OH-0090 : United States v. Steubenville
FH-CA-0001 : United States v. Long Beach Mortgage Company
FH-CT-0001 : United States v. Shawmut Mortgage Company
FH-DC-0001 : U.S. v. Chevy Chase Federal Savings Bank
FH-NY-0003 : United States v. Fleet Mortgage Corp.
FH-NY-0017 : United States v. Delta Funding Corp.
FH-NY-0019 : United States v. Bank United
FH-OH-0001 : United States v. Huntington Mortgage Company
FH-SD-0001 : United States v. First National Bank of Gordon
FH-SD-0002 : United States v. Blackpipe State Bank
ID-FL-0001 : CRIPA Investigation, Landmark Learning Center, Opa-Locka (FL)
ID-MS-0002 : U.S. v. Mississippi
ID-PA-0004 : Nelson v. Snider
ID-PA-0007 : U.S. v. Pennsylvania
ID-PR-0001 : U.S. v. Puerto Rico
ID-TN-0002 : People First of Tenn. v. Clover Bottom Devel. Center
ID-TN-0004 : U.S. v. Tennessee
ID-VA-0002 : U.S. v. Virginia
ID-WI-0001 : U.S. v. Wisconsin
JC-AL-0007 : Rooks & U.S. v. Herring
JC-AZ-0001 : United States v. Gila County
JC-AZ-0002 : U.S. v. Maricopa County
JC-GA-0003 : U.S. v. Columbus Consolidated City/County Government (Muscogee County)
JC-GA-0010 : U.S. v. Clay County
JC-GA-0011 : U.S. v. Dooly County
JC-MS-0007 : U.S. v. Alcorn County
JC-MS-0008 : U.S. v. Corinth City
JC-MS-0009 : U.S. v. Forest City
JC-MS-0010 : U.S. v. Forrest County
JC-MS-0012 : U.S. v. Grenada County
JC-MS-0013 : U.S. v. Harrison County
JC-MS-0015 : U.S. v. Scott County
JC-MS-0017 : U.S. v. Tupelo City
JC-VA-0001 : DOJ CRIPA Investigation of the Norfolk City Jail (VA)
JI-GA-0002 : U.S. v. Georgia
JI-KY-0004 : U.S. v. Kentucky
JI-LA-0001 : United States v. Louisiana
JI-PR-0004 : United States v. Puerto Rico
MH-FL-0001 : Johnson & U.S. v. Florida
MH-NY-0002 : U.S. v. New York
MH-TN-0001 : U.S. v. Tennessee
MH-VA-0001 : United States v. Virginia
MH-VA-0002 : U.S. v. Virginia
MH-VA-0004 : United States v. Virginia
NH-DC-0001 : U.S. v. District of Columbia
NH-PA-0002 : U.S. v. City of Philadelphia
NS-DC-0008 : In re Directives to Yahoo Pursuant to Section 105B of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. [105B(g) 07-01]
NS-DC-0049 : In Re Electronic Surveillance and Physical Search of International Terrorist Groups, Their Agents, and Related Targets [Raw Take Order Docket 02-431]
NS-DC-0050 : In re Various Known and Unknown Agents of [Redacted]
NS-DC-0068 : In re Various Known and Unknown Agents of [Redacted]
NS-NY-0014 : The New York Times Company v. United States Department of Justice
PC-AZ-0002 : United States v. State of Arizona
PC-LA-0006 : Williams & U.S. v. Lynn
PC-MI-0009 : United States v. Michigan
PC-MP-0001 : U.S. v. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
PC-MT-0003 : U.S. v. Montana
PN-CA-0002 : U.S. v. City of Los Angeles
PN-NJ-0002 : U.S. v. State of New Jersey
PN-OH-0001 : U.S. v. City of Columbus, Ohio
PN-OH-0002 : U.S. v. City of Steubenville
PN-PA-0003 : U.S. v. City of Pittsburgh
SD-LA-0004 : United States of America v. Avoyelles Parish School Board
SD-LA-0037 : Related School Desegregation Cases in the Western District of Louisiana

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