University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Abdo, Alex
City New York
State NY
Role(s) Attorney
Gender M
Case(s) FA-MD-0002 : Edgar v. Coats
FA-WA-0004 : Microsoft v. U.S. Department of Justice
IM-NY-0057 : Knight First Amendment Institute v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security
NS-CA-0003 : First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles v. National Security Agency
NS-CA-0015 : USA v. Moalin
NS-DC-0007 : Klayman v. Obama
NS-DC-0020 : In re Orders Issued by This Court Interpreting Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act [FISA Docket Misc. 13-02]
NS-DC-0021 : In re Motion for Declaratory Judgment of a First Amendment Right to Publish Aggregate Information about FISA Orders [FISA Docket Misc. 13-03 (Google); Misc. 13-04 (Microsoft); Misc. 13-05 (Yahoo!); Misc. 13-06 (Facebook); Misc. 13-07 (LinkedIn)]
NS-DC-0026 : In re Opinions & Orders of this Court Addressing Bulk Collection of Data under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [FISA Docket Misc. 13-08, FISCR docket 20-1]
NS-DC-0096 : American Civil Liberties Union v. Department of Justice / Electronic Privacy Information Center v. Department of Justice
NS-DC-0108 : Knight First Amendment Institute v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security
NS-DC-0117 : In re Opinions and Orders of this Court Containing Novel or Significant Interpretations of Law [FISA Docket Misc. 16-01; FISCR Docket Misc. 20-02]
NS-MD-0001 : Wikimedia Foundation v. National Security Agency
NS-NY-0003 : ACLU v. Clapper
NS-NY-0006 : Amnesty v. Clapper
NS-NY-0008 : ACLU v. FBI
NS-NY-0011 : ACLU v. NSA
NS-NY-0013 : ACLU v. Office of Dir. of National Intelligence
NS-NY-0015 : ACLU v. U.S. Department of Justice
NS-NY-0019 : The New York Times v. United States Department of Justice
NS-NY-0021 : In re Order Requiring Apple Inc. to Assist in the Execution of a Search Warrant Issued by the Court
NS-OH-0001 : Kindhearts for Charitable Humanitarian Development v. Paulsen
NS-OR-0003 : United States v. Mohamud
PR-NY-0004 : Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University v. Trump

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