University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Cabranes, José Alberto
City New Haven
State CT
Role(s) Judge : Federal, Article III
Race Latino
Gender M
This biographical data was taken from the Federal Judicial Center [link] on Sep 27, 2017:

Born 1940 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S
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This biographical data was taken from the Federal Judicial Center [link] on Sep 27, 2017:

Born 1940 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut
Nominated by Jimmy Carter on November 6, 1979, to a seat vacated by Jon O. Newman. Confirmed by the Senate on December 5, 1979, and received commission on December 10, 1979. Served as chief judge, 1992-1994. Service terminated on August 12, 1994, due to appointment to another judicial position.

Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
Nominated by William J. Clinton on May 24, 1994, to a seat vacated by Richard J. Cardamone. Confirmed by the Senate on August 9, 1994, and received commission on August 10, 1994.

Other Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, 2013-present

Columbia University, A.B., 1961
Yale Law School, J.D., 1965
University of Cambridge, Queens` College, M.Litt., 1967

Professional Career:

Supervisor in law, Queens' College, University of Cambridge, England, 1966-1967
Private practice, New York City, 1967-1971
Associate professor of law, Rutgers University School of Law, 1971-1973
Special counsel, Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., 1973-1975
General counsel/director of government relations, Yale University, 1975-1979
Board member, Federal Judicial Center, 1986-1990

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Case(s) CJ-NY-0001 : Doe v. Pataki
CJ-NY-0005 : Muntaqim v. Coombe
DR-NY-0006 : The Authors Guild v. Google, Inc.
EE-NY-0267 : Roe v. Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
EE-NY-0275 : The Port Authority Police Asian Jade Society of New York & New Jersey v. Port Authority of New York
EE-NY-0289 : Zarda v. Altitude Express, Inc.
FA-NY-0001 : ACORN v. United States
IM-NY-0004 : Betrand v. Sava
IM-NY-0025 : Elmaghraby v. Ashcroft
IM-NY-0065 : State of New York v. U.S. Department of Justice
IM-NY-0066 : City of New York v. Sessions
JC-NY-0016 : Shain v. Ellison
JC-NY-0024 : Augustin v. Jablonsky
JC-NY-0029 : O'Day v. Nassau County
JC-NY-0044 : Iaffaldano v. Nassau County
MH-VT-0001 : Hargrave v. Vermont
NS-DC-0132 : Order Amending the Rules of Procedure for the Court [FISCR Docket 18-02]
NS-NY-0011 : ACLU v. NSA
PB-CT-0013 : Bagnall v. Sebelius
PB-NY-0012 : Rodriguez v. Whalen
PB-NY-0013 : O'Toole v. Cuomo & U.S. v. New York (formerly Disability Advocates Inc. (DAI) v. Pataki)
PC-CT-0003 : Bartkus v. Manson
PC-CT-0005 : Doe v. Meachum
PC-CT-0008 : Mack v. Lopes
PC-CT-0013 : Lareau v. Manson
PC-NY-0014 : Jolly v. Coughlin
PC-NY-0051 : Rosario v. Goord
PN-NY-0009 : Floyd v. City of New York
PN-NY-0010 : Daniels v. City of New York
PN-NY-0014 : Ligon v. City of New York
PR-NY-0004 : Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University v. Trump
VR-NY-0350 : Hayden v. Pataki
VR-NY-0357 : United Spinal Association v. Board of Elections in the City of New York
VR-NY-0371 : Yang v. Kellner

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