University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Marshall, Burke
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* Burke Marshall (New Haven, CT)
City Washington
State DC
Role(s) Attorney
Gender M
Case(s) PA-AL-0001 : Katzenbach v. McClung
PA-AL-0003 : U.S. v. James G. Clark, Jr.
PA-AL-0004 : United States v. The Warren Company, Inc.
PA-GA-0001 : Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States
PA-LA-0003 : United States v. City of Shreveport
PA-MD-0001 : Griffin v. State of Maryland
PA-MS-0005 : United States of America v. John J. Fraiser Jr.
PA-MS-0009 : U.S. v. Gulf-State Theaters
SD-AL-0012 : Carr v. Montgomery County Board of Education
SD-AL-0017 : Bennett v. Madison County Board of Education
SD-AL-0019 : United States of America v. Mobile County Board of School Commissioners
SD-FL-0007 : USA v. The Board of Public Instruction of Bay County
SD-GA-0012 : United States of America v. The Dougherty County Board of Education
SD-GA-0013 : United States of America v. Muscogee County Board of Education
SD-LA-0034 : United States v. Bossier Parish School Board
SD-LA-0035 : Angel v. Louisiana State Board of Education
SD-MS-0012 : US v. Columbus Municipal Separate School District
SD-MS-0034 : United States v. Biloxi Municipal Separate School District
SD-SC-0007 : Randall v. Sumter School District
VR-AL-0245 : United States v. James C. Clark, Jr. [McLeod]
VR-AL-0246 : United States v. Agnes Baggett
VR-AL-0248 : United States v. McLeod (Dallas County)
VR-AL-0249 : United States v. Atkins
VR-AL-0250 : United States v. Hines
VR-AL-0254 : United States v. Blackburn (Perry County, Alabama)
VR-AL-0255 : United States v. Dunn
VR-AL-0256 : United States v. Ford (Choctaw County)
VR-LA-0111 : United States v. State of Louisiana
VR-LA-0112 : United States of America v. Lucky
VR-LA-0113 : United States v. Katharine Ward
VR-LA-0114 : United States v. Board of Registration of Louisiana
VR-LA-0115 : United States v. Winnice J.P. Clement
VR-LA-0119 : United States v. Wilder
VR-MS-0148 : United States v. State of Mississippi
VR-MS-0149 : United States v. Lynd

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