University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Specter, Donald H.
City Berkeley
State CA
Role(s) Attorney
Race White
Gender M
Case(s) CJ-CA-0003 : In re Lugo
CJ-CA-0008 : L.H. v. Schwarzennegger
IM-CA-0129 : Teneng v. Trump
JC-CA-0069 : Hall v. Mims
JC-CA-0105 : Gray v. County of Riverside
JC-CA-0123 : Chavez v. County of Santa Clara
JC-CA-0125 : Topete v. County of San Bernardino
JC-CA-0129 : Murray v. Santa Barbara
JC-CA-0134 : Mays v. County of Sacramento
JI-CA-0012 : Stevens v. CA Youth Authority
JI-CA-0013 : Farrell v. Harper
JI-CA-0014 : Hixson v. Hope
JI-CA-0015 : Porter v. Speirs
JI-CA-0016 : Waters v. Woodford
PC-AL-0035 : Braggs v. Dunn
PC-AZ-0017 : Gamez v. Ryan
PC-AZ-0018 : Parsons v. Ryan
PC-CA-0001 : Armstrong v. Newsom
PC-CA-0002 : Coleman v. Brown
PC-CA-0004 : Gates v. Deukmejian
PC-CA-0005 : Clark v. California
PC-CA-0007 : Gilmore v. State of California
PC-CA-0012 : Lancaster v. Tilton / Thompson v. Gomez
PC-CA-0015 : Clement v. California Department of Corrections
PC-CA-0017 : Madrid v. Gomez
PC-CA-0018 : Plata v. Newsom
PC-CA-0023 : Toussaint v. McCarthy / Wright v. Enonmoto
PC-CA-0033 : Perez v. Tilton
PC-CA-0034 : Budd v. Cambra
PC-CA-0052 : Valdivia v. Davis
PC-CA-0056 : Mitchell v. Felker
PC-CA-0057 : Plata v. Brown (Newsom) / Coleman v. Brown Three-Judge Court
PC-CA-0060 : In re Jose Morales
PC-CA-0073 : Doe v. CDC
PC-CA-0079 : Torres v. Milusnic
PC-CA-0080 : Wilson v. Ponce
PC-CA-0081 : In re Von Staich
Additional Resources
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  Cruel and unusual punishment of the mentally ill in California's prisons: a case study of a class action suit
Date: Oct. 1, 1994
By: Donald Specter (Prison Law Office)
Citation: Social Justice (Fall 1994).
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  Brown v. Plata: The Oyez Project
By: Chicago-Kent College of Law
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