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Title "Davis v. Wayne Cnty. Election Comm’n"
Date September 5, 2020
Author Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project
Author Institution Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Abstract Plaintiffs brought an action against the Wayne County Election Commission and individual county and City of Detroit officials claiming that the Commission had certified the Defendant Jones to appear on the ballot as a candidate for US Congress for the 13th Congressional District despite the fact that she failed to file multiple campaign finance reports/statements required by Michigan law to be filed prior to certification. Plaintiff claims these actions violated his 14th Amendment equal protection rights, retaliated against him for exercising his 1st Amendment right to political association and supporting Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the incumbent for the 13th Congressional District, and violated Michigan Elections Laws.The plaintiffs also claimed that the City of Detroit defendants denied the plaintiff access to the absentee voter application list and sent out the absentee ballot voter applications to all register voters. Normally the application list is publicly viewable at the clerk's office as required by Michigan Election law, but the offices were closed due to the COVID pandemic. Plaintiff argues that denying him access due to the office closure and sending out the absentee ballot applications before he could review violated his procedural due process rights. He also seeks a writ of mandamus compelling the city clerk to allow daily public access to the application list as required by Michigan law.
Source Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project

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