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Title "Young v. Lingle"
Date Mar 31, 2011
Author Lambda Legal
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Abstract Lambda Legal, co-counsel for six plaintiff couples, filed this case seeking a status like civil unions as a measure of fairness for same-sex couples in Hawai`i. Our plaintiffs wish to assume the same rights and responsibilities as spouses, and would marry if the law permitted. Hawai`i instead relegates same-sex couples to the inadequate status of reciprocal beneficiaries, with only limited protections. Lambda Legal's case seeks creation of a status like civil unions to afford same-sex couples the important state-law protections they are denied, including the mechanisms for securing parents' relationships with their children, access to family court and clear duties to pay child support and alimony as spouses must, and other vital protections.
Source Lambda Legal

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case Young v. Lingle (PB-HI-0006)

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