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Title "Eternal World Television Network, Inc. v. Sebelius"
Date Mar 29, 2016
Author ACLU Alabama
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Abstract As part of the Affordable Care Act, the federal government issued a rule that requires health plans to cover contraception without a co-pay. To date, 92 cases have been filed challenging the rule as an infringement on religious liberty. 80 of these cases are currently pending: 33 cases brought by nonprofit organizations, 44 cases brought by for-profit companies, and 3 cases brought by both nonprofit and for-profit plaintiffs. In these cases, the ACLU is defending the anti-discrimination rule. While religious freedom gives us all the right to make personal decisions about how to practice religion, it doesn't give institutions or individuals the right to impose their beliefs on others or to discriminate. Thus, together with National, we filed an amicus brief arguing that point.
Source ACLU Alabama

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case Eternal World Television Network v. Sebelius (FA-AL-0002)

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