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Title "Desegregation: How It Happened in Clarksdale, Mississippi"
Author Brian K. Hornbuckle
Author Institution The University of Mississippi
Author Role Student
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Abstract The 1954 Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education has radically changed life in the South for both white and black citizens. Many educational institutions experienced several tumultuous years during the enforcement of the desegregation policy which resulted from Brown v. Board of Education in the 1960s and 1970s. This paper will focus on the effect this landmark decision prohibiting racially segregated schools had upon both white and black school personnel in the Clarksdale Municipal Separate School District in Clarksdale, Mississippi. I will begin by giving an overview of the legal aspects of desegregation, after which I will briefly talk about the history of Clarksdale and The Delta. Finally, I will use interviews of several school personnel to discuss the specific events of the desegregation process in Clarksdale.

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case Henry v. Clarksdale Municipal Separate School District (SD-MS-0006)

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