Issue 1: July 16, 2012

Lots of news at the Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse, at, and as promised at the site, we're finally starting twice-yearly newsletters to keep our users up to date.

Come check out our new improved site functionality:

  • Our search page new has full-text as well as indexed searching.
  • The New Additions pages allow users to see everything that's been added over the past 60 days — new cases, summaries, and other resources.

We've entered the social media age:

In both venues, we're posting news about new cases and collections available at the Clearinghouse, and about developments in the area of civil rights litigation.

We're expanding the Clearinghouse collection at a rapid clip. In the past 90 days alone, we've added over 130 cases. We're now the web's leading open source of information about (among others):

We have many new special collections, including:

We hope all the work we've been doing is useful for you; let us know if you have any suggestions — cases or case categories to add, or anything else. If your civil rights law firm or organization does systemic litigation and would like to have its own page, let us know. And if you'd like a logo/link for your own website, we'd love to send you one. (Or just link to us without a logo.)

If you have friends or colleagues who might be interested in our work, please forward this newsletter to them, or send us their email addresses and we’ll send it to them.

Next newsletter, in December 2012, will feature the collections added in 2012.

Have a great summer!

Margo Schlanger
Professor of Law and Director, Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse

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