State court challenge of Texas's transgender child abuse directive

March 15, 2022

Photo of Texas march against anti-trans state law

In February 2022, the Texas Attorney General issued an opinion finding that gender-confirmation treatment was child abuse as defined by the Texas Family Code. Days later, the Governor of Texas directed the state Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to investigate parents who provide gender-confirmation care to their children as potential child abusers and called for mandatory reporters and the general public to report gender-confirmation care as child abuse.

In response, DFPS opened investigations into several families with transgender children. One family subject to a DFPS investigation under the Governor's directive—together with a licensed phsychiatrist providing care to transgender children—filed suit in state court seeking to prevent enforcement of the Governor's directive. On March 11, 2022, a state trial court enjoined enforcement of the directive against anyone in Texas; the state immediately appealed the decision.

The Clearinghouse will provide timely updates as this case proceeds through the courts.

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