Resource: Libraries Keep a Resourceful Eye on the President

By: George H. Pike

June 6, 2017

Information Today Inc.

From the earliest times, libraries have had a mission to collect, curate, organize, and disseminate knowledge and information as broadly as possible for the benefit of the societies they serve. Libraries remain places where citizens can find the information they need in order to proceed on all matters, whether mundane or significant. The recent election cycle and the first months of President Trump's administration and congressional session have been among the most significant and divisive periods in recent American society. The 2016 election cycle generated a nearly nonstop wave of controversy, questions, “breaking news,” disagreements, and challenges that seems to have left a never-ending trail of turmoil in its wake. And libraries have stepped up. Taking on their traditional role of offering a place for patrons “to inquire, to study, to evaluate,” libraries are gathering information about the candidates, the election, the administration, Congress, and the issues that have arisen in the last months and are disseminating it in as neutral, nonpartisan, and comprehensive a manner as possible. This article highlights a selection of comprehensive resource guides on the 2016 election cycle and the events of the administration after election.