Resource: Multi-Tiered Support System (MTSS) Process to Inform Special Education Eligibility

By: Verna Elizabeth Neumann

January 1, 2015

ProQuest Dissertations Publishing

Illinois Administrative Code currently requires that school districts use a process that determines how a student responds to scientific, research-based interventions when determining if a student is eligible for special education services (Guidance Document, 2012). These types of processes are known as Response to Intervention (RtI). RtI is a tiered system of increasingly more intense, research-based interventions, designed to improve student academic outcomes. An expanded concept of RtI is the Multi-Tiered Support System (MTSS).
This study considered how Professional Development training on MTSS may have impacted the percentage of students found eligible for special education and the proportion of males to females found eligible in one elementary school district. In addition, the study analyzed the perceived changes in the volume of psychological and academic testing done by district psychologists when making eligibility decisions.