Clearinghouse & Allen Institute for AI release new machine learning dataset

July 20, 2022

Screenshot of the title and authors of a paper. Title: "Multi-LexSum: Real-World Summaries of Civil Rights Lawsuits at Multiple Granularities." Authors: Zejiang Shen (Allen Institute for AI), Kyle Lo (Allen Institute for AI), Lauren Yu (University of Michigan), Nathan Dahlberg, Margo Schlanger (University of Michigan), and Doug Downey (Allen Institute for AI and Northwestern University)

In joint work with the Allen Institute for AI, the Clearinghouse has contributed metadata and summaries for approximately 4500 federal cases to a new machine learning dataset, in an effort to train and refine Natural Language Processing (NLP) models that can generate automated summaries.

You can read about the project in its first paper: Shen, Lo, Yu, Dahlberg, Schlanger & Downey, Multi-LexSum: Real-world Summaries of Civil Rights Lawsuits at Multiple Granularities.

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