New: Clearinghouse Oral History Project

Sept. 15, 2023

Image of video interview with Liz Lewis on left and Deborah LaBelle on right both in front of bookshelves.

New to the Clearinghouse: our Oral History Project, which collects interviews, conducted by Michigan Law students, with preeminent civil rights attorneys about their backgrounds and careers, including the landmark civil rights cases to which they have contributed.  

Our first set of interviews includes, among other topics: Elizabeth Alexander recounting her role arguing Farmer v. Brennan before the U.S. Supreme Court; John Boston and Michael Mushlin reflecting on the New York City jail conditions-related cases that they worked on, including Rhem v. Malcolm and Benjamin v. Horn; and Deborah Labelle discussing her work on lawsuits challenging unconstitutional conditions of confinement for women and juveniles in Michigan's prison system.

We'll be continuing to add oral history interviews to the Project.  Please let us know if you'd like to participate!