Resource: We Sued for Records About Trump’s Muslim Bans. Here’s What We Found Out.

By: Vera Eidelman

October 24, 2017

On February 2, 2017, 50 ACLU affiliates submitted FOIA requests seeking information about Customs and Border Protection’s on-the-ground implementation of the Muslim Bans at field offices around the country. When the government failed to respond in the time allotted, certain ACLU affiliates filed suit in April to get the requested records.

Since then, the government has released three “partial” responses that paint an incomplete picture of how CBP headquarters reacted. Because the FOIA requests now in litigation focus on how the bans were implemented locally, very few, if any, of the records produced thus far are responsive to the affiliates’ requests or relevant to the pending lawsuits.

But, because you have a right to know — and question — what the government is up to, we are publishing the documents the government released here and highlighting some themes that emerge from them.