Resource: Wyoming’s Boot Camp Program for Young, First-Time Offenders Openly Discriminates Against Women in Favor of Men

By: Stephan Pevar

July 26, 2017

Wyoming, like many states, has a “boot camp” program for young, first-time offenders. If the “booter” did well, the judge will likely release the person on probation or place the offender in a halfway house. Ms. Blanchard, a 23-year-old first-time offender who was convicted of a drug-related crime, could spend only six months in a boot camp rather than six to 10 years behind bars.

Except that Ms. Blanchard cannot become a “booter.” And the only reason why is that she’s a woman. In Wyoming, the boot camp program is only for men.

Ms. Taylor is asking the federal court to order Wyoming prison officials to send not only her to a boot camp but also all other women currently at WWC, who would have been sent to boot camp if the program were gender neutral. The order would also apply to all future female offenders who qualify for the program.