Resource: Corona v. Cegavske

By: COVID-Related Election Litigation Tracker

September 7, 2020

Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project

Facts: Plaintiffs challenge a series of Nevada practices. The Nevada Secretary of State announced that mail-in ballots would be mailed to active (but not inactive) registered voters. The vote by mail signature cure period is only seven days, which plaintiffs argue is not sufficient time to cure signature issues during a pandemic. Rejection of signatures is arbitrary; these issue are exacerbated by an increase in mail voting use. State law currently bans voter assistance, which plaintiffs allege burdens those who need assistance returning their mail ballots, especially amid a pandemic. The Nevada Secretary of State announced this primary would be all-mail, closing every polling location except for one in each county. Subsequently, the State agreed to mail ballots to all registered voters for the primary, to use electronic cure services that will allow voters to cure signature issues on their phone or tablet, to send out ballot collectors for the primary, and to add additional polling places for the primary, but the case is moving forward to challenge the practice for the general election.