Resource: A. Philip Randolph Inst. of Ohio v. LaRose

By: The Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project

November 5, 2020

USPS operational changes may delay receipt of mailed absentee ballots and result in voided ballots. Ohio now allows absentee voters to drop off absentee ballot applications and ballots in secure drop boxes rather than mailing materials via USPS. But Ohio Secretary of State LaRose also restricts county election authorities from installing such drop boxes anywhere other than in the office of each county's board of elections. Plaintiffs seek a declaration that restricting each county to a single location for dropping off absentee materials violates the 1st and 14th Amendments by unduly burdening Ohioan's right to vote and violates the 14th Amendment by making it easier to vote in less populous counties. The plaintiffs also seek temporary and permanent injunctions allowing installation of secure drop boxes in more than a single location in each county and allowing voters to return absentee ballot applications and ballots to any polling place at which they may vote.