Resource: LWV of Ohio v. LaRose II

By: Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project

October 7, 2020

Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project

Signature matching procedures and standards are inconsistent across different counties in Ohio. The State also fails to provide sufficient opportunity for voters to correct any signature mismatches. The voters most susceptible to signature mismatches are the elderly, disabled, ill and non-native English signatories and these populations consequently have an especially high risk of disenfranchisement due to the signature matching requirement. Plaintiffs brought suit seeking an injunction requiring the state to cease all signature matching of absentee ballot applications until uniform standards have been implemented in the state and processes are in place for voters to be given adequate opportunity to cure rejection of their absentee ballots due to signature mismatches. Plaintiffs also request that the current signature matching procedure in Ohio be found unconstitutional.