Resource: S.H. v. Stickrath, Case No. 2:04-cv-1206 (S.D. Ohio)

By: Children's Law Center

June 21, 2013

Children's Law Center, KY

Originally filed in 2004 on behalf of girls at the Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility, this federal class action civil rights case alleging widespread unconstitutional conditions was expanded in 2007 to include all facilities operated by or under contract with the Ohio Department of Youth Services.The suit alleged system-wide failure regarding conditions of confinement that endangered youth’s health, safety, and well-being and denied them of due process. State and youth attorneys worked collectively to create a comprehensive settlement that was approved by the court in May 2008. The goal is to have a system more equipped to provide youth with treatment and education needs while also promoting public safety. The settlement requires that DYS provide youth individual care, treatment, and rehabilitative services in the least restrictive setting consistent with youth’s needs, documented security concerns and generally accepted professional standards of care. It also includes a long term goal of closing large institutional facilities and creating a system of smaller community based rehabilitative programs. The case was terminated in December of 2015 when the remaining issues regarding mental health and excessive use of isolation reached compliance.