Resource: Castillon, et al. v. CCA (Assault at Idaho CC)

By: Project on Government Oversight

March 9, 2017

Project on Government Oversight

A lawsuit alleged a pattern of misconduct at the Idaho Correctional Center (ICC), which is operated by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). Specifically, the lawsuit alleged CCA encouraged violent gang activity at the facility, to the point that gangs were used in lieu of correctional officers to maintain control over the inmate population. The plaintiffs, inmates at ICC, suffered serious injuries after they were attacked in May 2012 by inmates believed to be members of two organized gangs. In March 2017, a jury found that CCA “was deliberately indifferent to a substantial risk of serious harm to Plaintiffs and disregarded it by failing to take reasonable measures to address it, in violation of their Eighth Amendment rights” and that CCA “had a widespread or longstanding practice or custom of understaffing at ICC.” But the jury found the plaintiffs failed to prove the understaffing caused the violation, and thus awarded no damages.