Resource: Edrei v. NYC LRAD Litigation Settlement

By: Elena Cohen

The New York City Police Department must establish written policies in a NYPD Administrative Guide provision covering NYPD LRAD uses that:

a. Ban use of the LRAD deterrent/alert tone altogether;
b. Require LRAD operators to note the time, place, and occurrence, and include the keyword “LRAD,” in electronic memo book entries each time an LRAD is used, which are presumptively accessible to the public under New York’s Freedom of Information Law;
c. Require LRAD operators to comply with LRAD manufacturer’s operation guidelines and OSHA requirements as to safer operation;
d. Require LRAD operators to “make reasonable efforts to maintain minimum safe distances between the LRAD and all persons within its cone of sound”; and
e. List who may operate LRADs and authorize LRAD uses.