Resource: White Paper: Policies for Expanding Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment in United States Prisons and Jails

By: Tessa Bialek and Matthew J. Akiyama, M.D., M.Sc.

April 19, 2023

This white paper proposes policies for expanding access to Hepatitis C (HCV) testing and treatment in United States jails and prisons. In recent years, dozens of lawsuits across the country have sought expanded access to direct acting antiviral treatment in carceral settings. The white paper's policy recommendations draw principally from settlement agreements, judicial opinions, and other filings in those cases, supplemented by current medical guidance and input from public health experts, medical professionals, and advocates. The white paper proceeds in three parts. First, it describes the HCV epidemic in United States prisons and jails and current clinical guidance and public health recommendations. Next, the paper sets out the governing legal landscape. Finally, it offers model policies for prisons and jails to expand HCV testing and treatment and to support successful outcomes.

This version of the white paper is screen readable. A large print (but not screen readable) version of the white paper is available here. The white paper project and related resources, including links to cases in the accompanying special collection and collected policy documents, are here. A version of this white paper is forthcoming in Volume 57 of the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform.