Resource: Oral History Project Interview with Professor Michael Mushlin Part I: Contents and Links

By: Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse

March 30, 2023

Contents: Clearinghouse Oral History Project Interview with Attorney and Professor Michael Mushlin (Spring 2023)
Part I
[00:45-7:00] Childhood, including growing up in the deep South during the Jim Crow era 
[07:10-9:20] Time at Vanderbilt University during the Civil Rights movement
[9:21-10:17] Professional ambitions and journey to law school
[11:56-15:10] Professor Mushlin’s family's immigration to the U.S.
[15:25-20:50] Interest in civil rights and prison litigation and early career 
[20:53-27:47] Background and overview of the New York City jails lawsuits
[27:50-45:40] Rhem v. Malcolm 
[45:42-1:00:41] Benjamin v. Horn
[1:00:43-1:16:25] Bell v. Wolfish
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