Resource: Oral History Project Interview with Attorney William Yeomans: Contents and Links

By: Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse

April 4, 2024

Contents: Clearinghouse Oral History Project Interview with Attorney William Yeomans (Fall 2023)
[1:41-9:55] Early Life, Law School, and Career Beginnings
[9:56-15:31] Introduction to Work at the Civil Rights Division
[15:32-19:27] Civil Rights Division During the Reagan Administration; Bob Jones University Case
[19:28-29:43] Jones v. Caddo Parish School Board and School Desegregation Cases
[29:44-34:46] United States v. City of Birmingham and Housing Discrimination Cases
[34:47-44:44] United States v. Town of Cicero and Employment Cases
[44:45-1:02:42] Hate Crimes Prosecutions
[1:02:43-1:17:51] Police Misconduct Cases
[1:17:52-1:38:08] Legislative Reform Work
[1:38:09-1:41:21] Reflections on Post-Settlement Enforcement
[1:41:22-1:48:45] Work with Senate Judiciary Committee and Reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act
[1:48:46-1:54:55] Concluding Reflections
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