Resource: White Paper: Criteria and Procedures for Meaningful Parole Review for People Sentenced as Youth

By: Tessa Bialek

May 6, 2024

This white paper focuses on parole review for people serving long sentences for crimes committed under age 18. It discusses the constitutional dimensions of parole review for that cohort and describes relevant legislative reforms and litigation challenging parole processes and procedures. Finally, the white paper proposes model policies to support a realistic and meaningful opportunity for release on parole that is grounded in assessment of youth and post-crime maturity and rehabilitation. The policies address substantive bases for the release decision as well as procedures to support comprehensive and accurate parole review.

This is a regular print, screen readable version of the white paper. A large print, but not screen readable, version of the paper is available here. The white paper project and related resources, including links to cases in the accompanying special collection and collected policy documents, are here.

A version of this white paper is forthcoming: Tessa Bialek, A Realistic and Meaningful Opportunity for Release: Recommendations for Parole Review for People Serving Long Sentences for Crimes Committed as Youth, 24.1 Conn. Pub. Int. L. J. 1 (2024).