Resource: Achieving Institutional Reform Through the Political Process: The Story of the Providence Housing Authority

By: Sookyoung Shin

May 1, 1999

This paper analyzes the story of the Providence Housing Authority's institutional reform through political processes. It first provides some background history of the Hartford Park high rises. It then discusses the case, Durrett v. Housing Authority of the City of Providence -- 89-1608, 896 F.2d 600 --. It argues that the successful reform of the agency was attributable primarily to a change in the political landscape that had been effected prior to implementation of the court remedy. Although the litigation played a significant role in the reform, it was but one of the various tools that was used to achieve the ultimate outcome. The paper then analyzes the case Project B.A.S.I.C. v. Kemp -- 89-248, 721 F.Supp. 1501 (D.R.I. 1989) --. It concludes that reform of housing agencies will be most effective when three factors are present: the cooperation of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a reform minded housing authority, and political support or a general political climate in favor of reform.

Resource Type(s):

Case Studies

Institution: Harvard

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