University of Michigan Law School
Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Name Ross, Alexander C.
City Washington
State DC
Role(s) Attorney
Gender M
Case(s) ED-TX-0006 : Doe v. Plyler
EE-IN-0133 : United States of America v. Board of Trustees of Indiana State University
EE-MD-0149 : United States of America v. The University of Maryland
EE-NC-0142 : USA v. Dillon Supply Co.
FH-CA-0001 : United States v. Long Beach Mortgage Company
FH-CT-0001 : United States v. Shawmut Mortgage Company
FH-DC-0003 : Hargraves v. Capital City Mortgage Corporation
FH-MD-0003 : USA v. Grempler Realty
FH-MD-0004 : United States v. Mintzes
FH-NM-0001 : United States v. First National Bank of Do'a Ana County
FH-NY-0002 : United States v. Albank, FSB
FH-NY-0003 : United States v. Fleet Mortgage Corp.
FH-NY-0017 : United States v. Delta Funding Corp.
FH-NY-0022 : USA v City of Lackawanna
FH-OH-0015 : United States v. Exclusive Multiple Exchange
FH-SD-0001 : United States v. First National Bank of Gordon
FH-TN-0004 : Cason v. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.
PA-LA-0002 : United States v. Northwest Louisiana Restaurant
PH-CA-0003 : Youritan Construction Co. v. USA
SD-AL-0001 : U.S. v. Jefferson County Bd. of Ed./Stout v. Jefferson County Bd. of Ed.
SD-AL-0002 : Lee v. Macon County Bd. of Ed.
SD-AL-0011 : U.S and Thomas v. Wilcox County Board of Education
SD-AL-0015 : United States v. Perry County Board of Education
SD-AL-0017 : Bennett v. Madison County Board of Education
SD-IL-0004 : United States v. Board of Education of City of Chicago
SD-IN-0001 : U.S. v. Board of School Commissioners of the City of Indianapolis
SD-LA-0002 : Jones v. Caddo Parish School Board
SD-SC-0006 : Miller v. School District Number 2
SD-TN-0002 : Monroe & United States of America v. Jackson City & Madison County School Board of Education
SD-WA-0002 : Roe v. Board of Directors of Seattle School District
VR-AL-0251 : United States v. State of Alabama (Montgomery County)
VR-LA-0112 : United States of America v. Lucky
VR-LA-0114 : United States v. Board of Registration of Louisiana

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