Case: Whisman v. McCarthy

84-cv-33860 | California state trial court

Filed Date: 1984

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Case Summary

This case, alleging inadequate medical and mental health care at the California Institution for Women in Frontera, was filed in California Superior Court, San Bernadino County in1992. Because it is a state court case, a docket sheet was unavailable on PACER. Searches on Westlaw and on the California court's website likewise turned up no information on the case. Our information comes from the National Prison Project journal, which reported in 1990 that the lawsuit concerned failure by the state to require state licensure of the relevant medical facilities, and in 1996 that a settlement agreement was reached in May 1992. Apparently, the state agreed to begin medical inspections of the facilities, and to correct any failings noted. It appears that there was some follow-up inspection of the facility and correction of the identified problems and that some monitoring of the case continued as of 1995.

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Denise Lieberman (10/9/2005)

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Case Details

State / Territory: California

Case Type(s):

Prison Conditions

Key Dates

Filing Date: 1984

Case Ongoing: No


Plaintiff Description:

Inmates at the California Institution for Women in Frontera who received inadequate mental and/or physical health care

Plaintiff Type(s):

Private Plaintiff

Attorney Organizations:

ACLU National Prison Project

Public Interest Lawyer: Yes

Filed Pro Se: Unknown

Class Action Sought: Unknown

Class Action Outcome: Unknown


California Department of Corrections (Frontera), State

Defendant Type(s):


Case Details

Causes of Action:

State law

Availably Documents:

None of the above


Prevailing Party: Plaintiff

Nature of Relief:

Injunction / Injunctive-like Settlement

Source of Relief:


Form of Settlement:

Private Settlement Agreement

Order Duration: 1992 - 0

Content of Injunction:



Affected Gender:


Medical/Mental Health:

Medical care, general

Mental health care, general

Type of Facility: