Case: EEOC v. Best Western Airport Inn, LLC

4:97-cv-00990 | U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri

Filed Date: May 8, 1997

Closed Date: Nov. 4, 1997

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Case Summary

The St. Louis District Office of the EEOC brought this action in the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, against BWAI, LLC, d/b/a Best Western Airport Inn. The complaint was filed in May 1997 and in November 1997 the parties voluntarily dismissed the case and entered into a settlement agreement. The only document that we have for this case is the docket, which suggests that the case was brought under Title VII.

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Elizabeth Glassman (7/16/2007)

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Docket [PACER]

EEOC v. BWAI, LLC, et al

Nov. 4, 1997

Nov. 4, 1997




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COMPLAINT; # Waivers of Service Issued: 1, # Counts:1 # Consents: 2; jury demand (FCE) (Entered: 05/12/1997)

May 8, 1997

May 8, 1997


TRACK INFORMATION STATEMENT filed by plaintiff EEOC ;track 2 preferred (FCE) (Entered: 05/12/1997)

May 8, 1997

May 8, 1997


WAIVER OF SERVICE executed upon defendant BWAI, LLC on 6/9/97 by serving Ruth A. Binger, Atty (FCE) (Entered: 06/11/1997)

June 9, 1997

June 9, 1997


ANSWER by defendant BWAI, LLC to [1-1] (FCE) (Entered: 07/09/1997)

July 3, 1997

July 3, 1997


RULE 16 ORDER by Mag Judge Lawrence O. Davis ; standard(2) track , ; Rule 16 Conference set 8/15/97 @ 1:30 pm ; scheduling plan ddl set 8/8/97 ; Magistrate Consent Due set 8/8/97 (cc: all counsel) (FCE) (Entered: 07/17/1997)

July 16, 1997

July 16, 1997


ORDER by Mag Judge Lawrence O. Davis Upon being advised this matter is being reassigned, the Rule 16 conference set for Friday, 8/15/97 is cancelled (cc: all counsel) (FCE) (Entered: 08/01/1997)

July 30, 1997

July 30, 1997


CJRA ORDER (RVS) IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the above styled case is randomly reassigned from Magistrate Judge Lawrence O. Davis to District Judge Donald J. Stohr. Case reassigned to Honorable Donald J. Stohr (cc: all counsel) (MCB) (Entered: 08/01/1997)

July 31, 1997

July 31, 1997


ORDER by Honorable Donald J. Stohr ORDERED notwithstanding FRCP 26(d) and (f), any party who has entered an appearance may serve interrogs and request for production or inspection upon pltf at any time and upon any other party after that party's entry of appearance. Parties shall respond to discovery requests w/in 30 days of service of discovery requests. No party may take oral depositions or serve requests for admissions prior to the Court's issuance of a CMO. As permitted by this order, discovery shall commence immediately. FURTHER ORDERED pltf(s) shall serve a copy of this order along w/discovery requests to a party who has not entered an appearance as of the date of this order. (cc: all counsel) (LGK) (Entered: 08/05/1997)

Aug. 4, 1997

Aug. 4, 1997


JOINT PROPOSED SCHEDULING PLAN by plaintiff EEOC, defendant BWAI, LLC (LGK) (Entered: 08/22/1997)

Aug. 21, 1997

Aug. 21, 1997


CASE MANAGEMENT ORDER by Honorable Donald J. Stohr standard track (2); motion to add party ddl 10/29/97; disclosure ddls: plntf's expert witnesses/reports ddl 4/28/98 and depos completed by 5/28/98; defts expert witnesses/reports ddl 2/27/98 and depos completed 3/27/98; Discovery completion ddl 5/28/98 ; non-disp motion ddl 6/8/98 ; disp motion ddl 6/15/98 ; no referral to ADR; jury trial 9/21/98 ; (cc: all counsel) (KKS) (Entered: 09/05/1997)

Sept. 4, 1997

Sept. 4, 1997


NOTICE by plaintiff EEOC of filing first amended complaint pursuant to consent of adverse parties w/consent attached as exhibit A. (DLB) (Entered: 10/27/1997)

Oct. 23, 1997

Oct. 23, 1997


FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT by plaintiff EEOC # Counts: 1 [1-1]; adding St. Louis Airport Inn (DLB) (Entered: 10/27/1997)

Oct. 23, 1997

Oct. 23, 1997


STIPULATION FOR DISMISSAL OF CASE by plaintiff EEOC, defendant BWAI, LLC, defendant St. Louis Airprt Inn with prejudice on the terms set for in the settlement agreement attached. SO ORDERED (DJS) cc: parties (LGK) (Entered: 11/06/1997)

Nov. 4, 1997

Nov. 4, 1997

Case Details

State / Territory: Missouri

Case Type(s):

Equal Employment

Special Collection(s):

EEOC Study — in sample

Key Dates

Filing Date: May 8, 1997

Closing Date: Nov. 4, 1997

Case Ongoing: No


Plaintiff Description:

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on behalf of one or more workers.

Plaintiff Type(s):

EEOC Plaintiff

Attorney Organizations:


Public Interest Lawyer: Yes

Filed Pro Se: No

Class Action Sought: No

Class Action Outcome: Not sought


BWAI, LLC, Private Entity/Person

Case Details

Causes of Action:

Title VII (including PDA), 42 U.S.C. § 2000e

Availably Documents:

Trial Court Docket


Prevailing Party: Plaintiff

Nature of Relief:


Source of Relief:


Form of Settlement:

Voluntary Dismissal



Disparate Treatment


Direct Suit on Merits